Everyone has their own route, this was mine

Full disclosure; I’m not sponsored by any of the products mentioned in this post.

The first time I tried to tackle this exam I was an intern in 2018, and I didn’t make it past 20% of the Udemy course before my…

A quick guide on how I passed the exam step by step. I used linuxacademy.com which costs $49/month but hear me out. There’s a free trial for 7 days. …

My Experience at Blavity’s Afrotech

This was my first time attending the conference and it was an amazing experience. I got to connect with so many people from all walks of life. I even made some friends from Canada! …

Another year, Another iPhone

I would consider myself today a conscious consumer not a “fanboy” of any product or service. If you provide the best product I choose you simple as that. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Note 9. …

How Not To Hit The Common Post-Grad Ruts While Still in College

Regardless if you got that job you wanted, or have smoothly transitioned into adulting full-time you can hit a rut.

These ruts aren’t caused by anything in particular it just happens because of the instant changes that occur once graduating. You go from stressing about finals, that unnecessary e-board meeting, and what you’re wearing homecoming weekend to the…

Talking Compensation Among Your Co-workers & Even Peers Can be a Sensitive Topic.

This could go many ways some scenarios could be any of the following:

· The compensation is equal. Potentially no action taken or any feelings develop from the conversation (it might comfort some).

· You could be…

Spotify’s ‘Your Library’ Refresh” As Quoted by their blog post

I’ve been a Spotify user since my freshman year in high school which is running up to 8 years now. Didn’t become a premium user until 2017. I had Apple Music prior as an iOS user but I’ve moved…

I currently have a lack of motivation and clarity with my days. I often look back at the end of a day and wonder what was accomplished or what good did I do? I’ve decided to begin journaling. I purchased the BestSelf journal:

I chose this specific journal because it…

This post exceeds my content developing schedule but was inspired to give my thoughts so far on the book I’m currently reading.

Essentially 100 pages in and I’ve enjoyed the book so far. My biggest criticism comes from the constant repetition of Ramit saying “I will teach you to do…

This is literally just my first post. The goal here is in doing and not procrastinating or delaying content. I want to document more because its easier than creating.

I don’t know about others but I find myself in this deep rabbit hole sometimes. I pick up a Udemy course here, photography, coding, entrepreneurship there. I struggle mainly on full execution. This post is in part to destroy that habit.

I’ve had a story as a draft for over a year and instead of perfecting it my goal here will be to post something weekly. So a little about myself, I’m a recent UAlbany grad working as a Tech Consultant for IBM in DC. I also am extremely good at editing resumes *inserts link* lol.

I hope you enjoy my content :).

Joel Durán

Dominicano. Product @Microsoft. My thoughts are my own.

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